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Carl N. Frost,                  Chief of Police
Beaver Township Police Department
601 West South Range Road
North Lima, Ohio 44452

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The Beaver Police Department is responsible for the protection of life and property, the maintenance of peace and order, the provision of emergency and other police services to the public, and the consistent, impartial enforcement of the law. The achievement of these goals requires all employees of the department to perform their duties in a professional manner and in a way that earns the respect, trust, and cooperation of the public we serve.
The mission of the Beaver Police Department is to provide lawful and impartial police service to all members of the community. We will do this by delivering police services free from special interests, interference or pressures and, at the same time, by remaining responsive to legitimate requests of the community. All police officers will conduct themselves in accordance with the highest possible professional, legal and ethical standards. We will be forthright in informing the public of the dangers of crime and how citizens can join with the department in minimizing loss of life and property that occurs through crime. The Beaver Police Department recognizes community policing enhances all our efforts to serve the citizens of Beaver Township.